Counselling, Politics, Facebook and a little digression!

Since launching Counsellors Together UK in July 2017, we have been one of the few counselling groups rooted in politics – campaigning to effect change on both a social and political level. There are other groups, but CTUK has grown to over 5,500 members and we are now the UKs largest Counsellors campaign group. At CTUK we, and myself personally, have always been subject to Read More …

Happy 2nd Birthday Counsellors Together UK

Happy 2nd Birthday Counsellors Together UK. Hey everyone, Maria here. Today is our 2nd birthday so I thought I should say a few words. However, as I’m sat here thinking what I should write about I can’t seem to think of anything without being a little (ok maybe more than a little!) emotional, dramatic and full of pride….. so I’ve decided to just run with that…..which may not be for everyone, but hey…. this is me!