Happy 2nd Birthday Counsellors Together UK

Happy 2nd Birthday Counsellors Together UK. Hey everyone, Maria here. Today is our 2nd birthday so I thought I should say a few words. However, as I’m sat here thinking what I should write about I can’t seem to think of anything without being a little (ok maybe more than a little!) emotional, dramatic and full of pride….. so I’ve decided to just run with that…..which may not be for everyone, but hey…. this is me!

National Counsellors’ Day 2019 – success!

It’s been just over a week since counsellors and other professionals from all over the UK met in Lincoln for the first ever National Counsellor’s Day. Set in the comfortable surroundings of the University of Lincoln, 70 delegates met to explore the future of counselling; and the weather wasn’t too shabby either! An ambassador from the National Counselling Society started off our day and opened Read More …