Person-centred Activism

We’d like to introduction you to CTUK and our model of Person-centred activism.

The short video below by our founder, Maria Albertsen gives a short introduction to our work at CTUK and what the person-centred model of activism is.

So, what is person-centred activism and why do we use this model?

To sum it up, person-centred activism is a ‘relational and empathic’ model which we can use to create a robust and strategic framework to ‘hold’ our campaign. It is a model which facilitates personal growth, encouraging us to explore and develop awareness about why we do what we do. It enables us to look at the bigger picture and to build relationships with others, creating safe spaces in which difficult conversations can happen, and therefore change can occur.

At CTUK we believe it is the relationship we have with ourselves and others which plays a big part in the outcome of our campaign work. When we campaign we are always campaigning against something or someone, and to do this we need to have some kind of relationship with the ‘other’, even, or especially, when difficult emotions such as frustration, anger and rage are present (which mostly are), if any change is ever going to happen.

Our framework encourages looking inwards first, because we believe that we can’t change anything unless we’ve done a degree of self exploration and know why we want to change what we do. We need an understanding of our personal reasons for campaigning, which help us to get crystal clear about why we are doing what we are doing, helping us to stay focused and avoid all the distracting noise that so often accompanies any campaign. We then look beyond this and focus on how our campaign affects those we are campaigning for, as well as those we are campaigning against.

By working through our model of activism before we launch any campaign really enables us to campaign with more clarity and focus. We start with a sense of grounding and security before we take our campaign out to the world.

Furthermore, it shows that we are bothered about the bigger picture, that we realise campaigning isn’t just about us but most importantly it is about all the people who will be affected by the changes we make.

Perhaps this model works well for CTUK as the principles of the person-centred model of activism closely reflect the ethical frameworks that many therapists work by and reflect the many writings from person-centred theory. However, we do feel it is a model that anyone can use because it as a model which is about being human and embracing the qualities that humans posses. It is a model which places people at it’s core, drawing on the parts of person-centred theory that feed and nourish relationships and ultimately heal.

The person-centred model of activism is a robust and strategic model which creates a strong ‘frame’ for our campaign work, a frame which which holds and supports the campaigners and the campaign.

At CTUK we believe that it is this relational model of activism that has allowed us to grow as a campaign group and experience the successes we have had in relatively short period of time.

Please watch the video below to find out more.

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