Impact of Covid-19 on mental health workers

A new blog has been released this morning by Surviving Work which provides us with some key figures from a 2020 Covid-19 survey of 770 mental health workers. In their blog today, Surviving Work asks, ‘why are we bothering to collect these facts?’ And then explains why it is essential we know. Here are a few key stats about private practitioners: ?The % of mental Read More …

Thank you and goodbye, Dr Chris Forester (NCS Chair)

As some of you will be aware, Dr Chris Forester Chair of The National Counselling Society is leaving the society today and heading to pastures new. We didn’t want to see Chris go without taking a moment to say thank you to him for all he has done to support us over the last couple of years. What you may not know is that Chris Read More …

BACP answer members questions about #SCoPEd

On 14th December 2020 we received a response from BACP to CTUK members questions regarding the SCoPEd Framework. You can read in full below. We are currently working with our members to fact-check the answers provided and will respond to BACP in Spring 2021. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment below or get in touch via Read More …

CTUK Members send their SCoPEd questions to BACP

On 17th November 2020 CTUK sent a list of questions regarding SCoPEd to The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). In total over 100 therapists asked a question and CTUK Admin grouped them as shown below. We hope to receive a response by the New Year and will keep you updated. QUESTIONS ABOUT SCOPED 1. The basic premise for the SCoPEd framework was to Read More …

BACP members map themselves against the SCoPEd Framework.

In 2019 CTUK carried out a survey which asked BACP members to map themselves against the SCoPEd Framework.  A total of 487 BACP members completed the survey. The results show how counsellors and psychotherapists map their own competencies as opposed to what the SCoPEd Framework says they can or can’t do.  Below is a sample of the results. We are busy analysing the raw data Read More …

The problem(s) with BACP’s resolutions process

This meant that Tara’s BACP resolution with 1451 votes was not only the highest number of votes on record and had secured more than 90% of votes cast with only 69 people not voting to support it, still failed. This was when found out that in the entire history of BACP voting, they had never achieved a 5% member turn out to vote. BACP set the new 5% target knowing this.

Platforming Controversy

Over recent years we have seen the emergence of no-platforming. No platforming is the act of removing someone’s platform to speak. This usually happens to prevent the airing of hate speech but has been increasingly used to silence academic critique. Institutions from all sectors have struggled to operate from a position of anything other than fear. What do these great institutions fear? “Woke” backlash. The cancel culture which has seen companies drop shares and individuals lose their jobs. I write this with an understanding that some will find even the mention of this topic controversial and with the understanding that for many people, speaking out has a cost.

Who Dare Speak For SCoPEd?

Written by Clare Slaney from Clare Slaney Counselling. In 1998 I was involved in lobbying for the protection of an ancient timber circle that had emerged from the sand and peat of a Norfolk beach. Seahenge provoked strong feelings and I got a number of phone calls from people objecting to my opinions. Some calls were silent and constant, some were loud and abusive and Read More …

A critical evaluation of the revised SCoPEd Framework (July 2020)

This document aims to provide a comprehensive review of the current iteration of the SCoPEd framework (July 2020). The key issues remain the same as they were with its previous counterpart and those are as follows: The subscription to the medical model of distress. The elevation of psychotherapists at the expense of registered counsellors who are severely deskilled in key areas of their practice. Deskilled to such an extent it is difficult to argue they would be safe to practice at all. The inherent bias of the teams working on this framework and the widely challenged methodological flaws.

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