Launching the UK’s first National Counselling Awards – 2020

Bringing you UK’s first National Counselling Awards. The purpose of the awards is to celebrate the work we do in the counselling profession. The aim of the awards is to lift up and support each other whilst raising the profile of the counselling profession.

Congratulations to the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union on their 4th year

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) was founded in 2016 and has become increasingly popular with counsellors and psychotherapists across the UK. On 25th April 2020 they held their annual AGM where they said goodbye to Richard Bagnall-Oakley and welcomed Julie Lyons as the new Secretary. CTUK would wish Juliet every success in her new role and thank Richard for his time and dedication in Read More …

Open letter to BACP Chair to reconsider positions on low income membership fees and policies

What are we asking the BACP to do?
1. Reconsider their position to deny members a fee break in a time of severe hardship.
2. To reassess their discriminatory policies that hold counsellors in a cycle of poverty yet also beholden to the BACP to remain available for counselling work.

Dr Elizabeth Cotton’s research into COVID-19 responses

Calling all counsellors and psychotherapists to participant in this important research and share your experiences of work during the coronavirus pandemic.

BACP members employment survey request – open letter to BACP Chair

Dear Natalie Bailey (Chair) / BACP I write this open letter to you today on behalf of Counsellors Together UK to ask if you would be willing to repeat your 2014 members employment research survey, please? We are particularly interested in the following. In 2014 your members survey showed us that; • The typical counsellor works 12–13 hours a week. • The typical counsellor earns Read More …

Dear Therapist, I see you.

Dear Therapist I see you. I see you caring for others, holding space for them to share their worries, anxieties and stress. I see you. I see you feeling the exact same feelings that your clients bring to you, that you share in their heartache and heartbreak. I see you. I see you worrying about your own health, your friends and family too. I see Read More …

CTUK Members lead EAP Policy change

We wanted to extend a big congratulations to the members of Counsellors Together UK. As you may be aware, a lot of our work involves admin engaging in discussions online with members of the public, counsellors, membership bodies and other organisations. On the 16th March 2020, Glenna wrote a tweet about the way some Employment Assistant Programs (EAPs) were reducing payments to their counsellors who Read More …

Counselling, Politics, Facebook and a little digression!

Since launching Counsellors Together UK in July 2017, we have been one of the few counselling groups rooted in politics – campaigning to effect change on both a social and political level. There are other groups, but CTUK has grown to over 5,500 members and we are now the UKs largest Counsellors campaign group. At CTUK we, and myself personally, have always been subject to Read More …

Update on the Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy (PCP) Collaboration

We have been working to establish our aims as a growing partnership and have updated the homepage of the website to reflect this, you can view this here. A further three organisations have joined us including; Surviving Work, A Disorder 4 Everyone and the Free Psychotherapy Network. This takes us up to 11 organisations, including CTUK and: • Psychotherapy and Counselling Union • Psychotherapists and Read More …