Impact of Covid-19 on mental health workers

A new blog has been released this morning by Surviving Work which provides us with some key figures from a 2020 Covid-19 survey of 770 mental health workers.

In their blog today, Surviving Work asks, ‘why are we bothering to collect these facts?’ And then explains why it is essential we know.

Here are a few key stats about private practitioners:

?The % of mental health workers earning £0 doubled to 10% as a result of #Covid19.
? 51% of self employed mental health workers can’t sustain themselves on their income.
? 82% of Cs/Ps are not able to sustain themselves on their income from EAPs.

To find out more please do read Surviving Works latest blog ‘Why Bother’ here:

If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or mental health worker then you can help us to gain even more insight by taking part in our most recent survey to map the Financial Landscape of the counselling and psychotherapy profession. This is a confidential survey which will take approx 10 minutes to complete. The closing date is 22nd February 2021. Click here:

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  • The CTUK Financial Landscape survey is being organised by Counsellors Together UK. The research team is made up of Tara Shennan and Maria Albertsen from CTUK and Dr Elizabeth Cotton, Surviving Work.