Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Counsellors Together UK believes that life is better when we’re equal

Together, we strive for equality for all

At CTUK we aim to honour diversity and difference, to promote individual values and strive for inclusion. We will work towards creating a group that serves and reflects both the counselling and psychotherapy professionals and the clients whom we work alongside. We realise that this is about creating a culture of equality within CTUK and we aim to be mindful of this in all we do, because in doing so we believe we are better placed to make a difference for all. This means we will do all we can to create a safe environment in which anyone, regardless of their background, age, disability, race, religion, gender, gender identity, sex and sexual orientation can contribute and take part in the work we do, with the knowledge that they are important to us, and we will do all we can support them.We hope everyone who is a member of or works alongside CTUK feels welcomed, included and valued.

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