CTUK moves into our first office!

Hi everyone, Maria here ?

I wanted to share a slightly personal message with you all and let you know that on Friday 7th August 2020 I signed the lease for our own office!! It was a big day for me, my family and for Counsellors Together UK.

It’s seem like only yesterday…

Three years ago I had an idea to start a Counsellors campaign group and today we are the UK’s largest such group with over 6,700 members.

Together, we do so much brilliant work and really make a difference in the counselling/psychotherapy profession. However, after beginning as a little Facebook group with ten people, I never imagined that we’d grow so big as to need our own office space…. but here we are….. AND there’s more to come. I’m so excited about our future and what we can achieve.

Also, I feel really emotional knowing that I achieved all of this whilst having a breakdown, or perhaps because of the breakdown – but that’s another story in itself….. later!

For now I’m going to allow myself to feel really proud of everyone involved with CTUK and of myself too…. and very thankful to my kids for supporting me along the way, and giving me the time to do what I need to do, whilst also being a full-time Mamma – I love those little people so much ❤️

I also want to say an extra special thanks to our admin/project manager, Tara. She has literally been with us from day one and she does not get enough credit for all she does. She has supported me no end and is one of the best persons I know ?

We celebrated getting our office with some time on the beach, and right now I’m planning on having a much needed week off with lots of relaxation…. no work, just family and fun… getting ready to really get things going in the coming weeks and months.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supports myself and CTUK. I really appreciate you all…. you’re all amazing, and CTUK would not be what it is without the support of our amazing members.

Thank you 

Maria ❤️