CTUK & JHD Counselling Services Collaboration


We are excited to announce that we will be working in collaboration with JHD Counselling Services Ltd.

Purpose – to provide high quality CPD and employment opportunities for CTUK members.

About JHD Counselling Services Ltd

JHD Counselling Services is a counselling and training company which was set up by the lovely Carol Harmston-Dean 6 years ago. Carol came to speak at National Counsellors’ Day on behalf of The National Counselling Society, and after getting to know Carol and understanding how she wants to support CTUK, we knew we had to work alongside each other. We are very excited and truly believe that this collaboration will be of huge benefit for all.

JHD is a sought after place for therapists to go and work, priding itself on the following procedures:

  • Responding to client referrals within 24 hours.
  • Every client is given an intake/assessment session within 1 week of referral.
  • Every client is offered therapy within 1 week of intake/assessment.
  • JHD has NO waiting lists and despite how busy they get they have supplies to recruit from to ensure that the above timescales are adhered to.
  • The intake/assessment session ensures that the client is matched up to the most suitable therapist in the team, not just the next one that becomes available.
  • All therapists have general counselling training and have gone on to gain specialisms including; Abuse (Emotional, Physical, Sexual), Bereavement, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Mental Health (anxiety, depression, stress, bi-polar, personality disorders), Self Harm, Sexual Assault, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Suicide, Trauma, etc.
  • A few of the counsellors have been trained by the Road Victims Trust in Bereavement and Trauma.
  • Therapists can work with children (as young as 4), young people, adults, couples and families.

Their lack of waiting lists, speed of response and degree of effectiveness and efficiency has given JHD Counselling Services a number of clients:

  • Schools and colleges (pupils, staff and parents).
  • 6 individual colleges that makeup Cambridge University – Christs, Sidney Sussex, Gonville and Caius, Hughes Hall, Selwyn, Madingley Hall (students and staff).
  • Embrace Charity – Child victims of crime (DV and abuse).
  • Occupational Health/EAP’s.
  • Private practice.

In conjunction with the training centre JHD Counselling Services also offers an extensive CPD programme for trainee and qualified counsellors.

So how will the collaboration work?

As some of you will be aware, in August 2019 CTUK will launch it’s paid for membership club which will cost £72 per year. We will be providing many impressive benefits, and as part of this, members will have access to reduced cost, high-quality CPD. This is where JHD Counselling Services comes in.

To begin, JHD Counselling Services will be providing all of the face-to-face CPD workshops that we offer. We will look to provide CPD training around the U.K. for as little as £20-40 per person, per day. Such high-quality CPD training would usually cost £80+ per person, per day. So as you can see, providing this for such a low cost will save CTUK members lots of money. We wanted to offer face-to-face training as part of our membership as there are so many benefits to being together in a room, and it will also allow us to recruit people for employment opportunities within JHD Counselling Services, see below.

CPD trainings will include, but are not limited to:

  • CYP mental health and suicide risk – early intervention – 1-day workshop.
  • Working with CYP creatively – 1-day workshop.
  • Working with diversity – 1-day workshop.
  • Introduction to Gestalt techniques – weekend workshop/2-day workshop.
  • Working with sexuality – 1-day workshop
  • Emotional abuse and narcissistic personality disorder -2-day workshop.
  • The power of reflecting – a most powerful yet underused counselling skill – 1-day workshop.
  • Avoiding stress and burnout – counsellor self care – 1-day workshop.
  • Dealing with the responsibility of being a counsellor – intakes/assessments/use of supervision to protect yourself with clients – 1-day workshop.
  • Working with grief and loss (pre and post) – 2-day workshop.
  • Body Image, eating disorders and self harm – 2-day workshop.
  • Working with addictions – 1-day workshop.


As JHD Counselling Services continues to grow they will use CTUK to recruit both Counsellors and trainers, which is very exciting as it will help us to meet one of our aims, which is to help create employment opportunities for members of our group. We expect this would happen sooner rather than later and we have some exciting plans which we will announce in the coming months. This opportunity will be available to all members of CTUK, not just those who are in the paid CTUK membership club. If you are a counsellor and have not yet joined us, then you can do so over on our Facebook page here, which is where we keep everyone updated.

So…. we hope that you can see the potential that we see for brilliant things to happen because of this collaboration.

We are very excited indeed ?

Maria ❤️

You can find out more about JHD Counselling Services here.

You can find out more about and join our new CTUK Members Club here.