Open letter to BACP Chair to reconsider positions on low income membership fees and policies

What are we asking the BACP to do?
1. Reconsider their position to deny members a fee break in a time of severe hardship.
2. To reassess their discriminatory policies that hold counsellors in a cycle of poverty yet also beholden to the BACP to remain available for counselling work.

BACP members employment survey request – open letter to BACP Chair

**Edit – BACP’s response is at the end of this post.** Dear Natalie Bailey (Chair) / BACP I write this open letter to you today on behalf of Counsellors Together UK to ask if you would be willing to repeat your 2014 members employment research survey, please? We are particularly interested in the following. In 2014 your members survey showed us that; • The typical Read More …