BACP members map themselves against the SCoPEd Framework.

In 2019 CTUK carried out a survey which asked BACP members to map themselves against the SCoPEd Framework. 

A total of 487 BACP members completed the survey. The results show how counsellors and psychotherapists map their own competencies as opposed to what the SCoPEd Framework says they can or can’t do. 

Below is a sample of the results. We are busy analysing the raw data and will provide more comprehensive results once we have done so. 

In the meantime we have asked BACP to reproduce the survey as we feel they will reach more members and therefore gather more in-depth data. We feel this is something BACP should have done when the SCoPEd Framework was first written, but in doing so now, even at this late date, it will give BACP members the chance to have their voices heard and offer a fairer representation of member competencies. 

We are happy to answer any questions. 

Thank you. 

CTUK Admin.