BACP – Members letter of concern (April 2023)

The following letter has been written on behalf of and with BACP members who wish to express their concern regarding the current governance of the BACP. If you are a BACP member and would like to add your support (signature to the letter), then please do submit a comment below including your full name and/or BACP membership number. This letter will be submitted to BACP on Friday 14th April 2023 but you are welcome to add your signature at any point. Thank you.


Dear Natalie Bailey (BACP Chair) and Board of Governors. 

This letter is sent on behalf of members of CTUK, a counselling and psychotherapy campaigning and advocacy group with a membership of over 9,000, the majority of whom are also members of BACP.

Members have raised concerns with CTUK regarding BACP, its governance and conduct, and as founder, I am collating these concerns and putting them to you so you may provide a transparent response and offer the membership reassurance.

1. Members feel uneasy regarding the ongoing changes in management and leadership since 2020, and don’t feel they have received adequate explanation about why this has happened.

We believe that since November 2020, seven trustees have resigned before completing their terms. Only one of these trustees (Michael Golding) has offered a public explanation regarding his resignation – where he stated SCoPEd was the reason and raised serious concerns about the legal impact of the project on members. Other resignations have been stated as not about SCoPEd but with no further information given.

With the recent departure of Chelsea Shelley (Chief Operations and Membership Officer and Fiona Ballantine Dykes (Dept CEO), and Hadyn Williams (CEO) at the end of last year, that’s all senior leaders gone.

There are now no trustees or members of the senior leadership team remaining who were in place at the beginning of the current Chair’s tenure.

Can you please confirm if these figures are correct and provide a clear explanation as to why there have been so many departures in recent months. We would also like to understand why there has not been recruitment of trustees to replace those who have left (the board now stands at 6 out of a possible 12 members and given the Chair has a casting vote in board matters, decisions can now be carried based on just 3 trustees, including the Chair supporting the decision). There has also been no appointment of a new Deputy Chair in breach of your Articles of Association.

2. Members have expressed concerns about feeling ‘kept in the dark’, and therefore unable to make informed decisions about their membership. For example, members are unsure if they feel they can now renew their membership as they are worried about being associated with such uncertainty, and how their reputation will be affected. Answering question one will go some way to reassuring members who feel this way. 

3. You were recently contacted by the Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy (PCP) with a statement of concern regarding the above – they asked you if you would conduct a, ‘commissioning of a formal and independent Governance Review of the BACP Board.’

On the 22nd December 2022 PCP received a response which included the following statement: 

“Following the resignation of the trustees, a formal and independent review of the governance of BACP was commissioned. The review, conducted by an expert in governance, led to a series of recommendations being made to the Board of Trustees. The Board, supported by the Governance, Remunerations and Nominations (GRaN) Committee and the governance team, are continuing to work through these recommendations to ensure the continued effective governance of BACP.”

PCP then responded asking for clarity about the scope and nature of the review, as follows: 

“Thank you for your letter of 22 December 2022. There are a number of issues in which we are interested. However, we wish to focus at present on your ‘formal review of the governance of BACP’. Please will you provide details of the ‘expert in governance’ and their independent status? We are also interested in the scope of the review; please can you provide details of that? May we also please see the review report and its recommendations, together with the steps being taken to ensure effective governance?”

To which BACP responded: 

“Thank you for your email and request for further information, and please accept our apologies for the delay in replying to you.

We’ve reviewed your request and, after careful consideration, feel it would be inappropriate to share this information. We have no legal obligation to share these details and as such, we’re unable to agree to your request.”

This information can be found in the public domain here:

This response has obviously caused some concern amongst your members who feel that it is not good enough, and that it appears BACP is refusing to be open and transparent. Members have asked me to remind you that they pay you to work on their behalf, via their monthly subscription, and that in return they expect to be provided with such information, not because it is legally required but because it is in the interests of transparency. 

As recommended by The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), “Sharing an overview of your findings and commitments helps make sure accountability for the changes you hope to make. It also reveals and reassures stakeholders that you’re committed to good governance and aware of the areas for  development.”

BACP members are now asking you directly to answer the questions that PCP originally posed in their email to you:

a) Please will you provide details of the ‘expert in governance’ and their independent status? 

B) We are also interested in the scope of the review; please can you provide details of that? 

c) May we also please see the review report and its recommendations, together with the steps being taken to ensure effective governance?

Your statement of, ‘We have no legal obligation to share these details and as such, we’re unable to agree to your request.’ has fuelled a sense of distrust amongst the membership. There are further allegations made publicly by ex-trustees regarding you redacting information you have shared. The implication here is that there is something to hide and so openness would demonstrate that all is in order and members concerns can be allayed.

4. While only one resignation appears linked to SCoPEd, we would like confirmation of whether any others are also linked to the project. Further, BACP did not respond to Michael’s Golding’s statement regarding the divisive nature of SCoPEd, the impact on members or the statement that as a trustee he was unable to have any great influence over the project. Can BACP now respond to Michael’s allegations?

This is an open letter and has been posted in the public domain on the CTUK website here:

Below this open letter you can see a list of signatories from your members who have either asked us to write this letter, helped us to write this letter, and/or are expressing their support. 

I do hope that you can answer the above concerns of your members openly and honestly, and that you no longer state that you won’t share information that you aren’t legally obliged to, but rather you choose to do the right thing and provide some clarity and transparency during these apparent turbulent times. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Best wishes,

Maria Albertsen

CTUK Founder

236 thoughts on “BACP – Members letter of concern (April 2023)”

  1. Rachel Gardiner-Hill 00699288
    Horsham and Crawley Counselling Group CIC: registered BACP organisation

    1. It seems BACP haven’t read their own Ethical Framework for some time. It is surprising to find, at the heart of this self regulated membership body, such a staggering sense of elitism, entitlement and total lack of communication (discussing, hearing, and listening) to what the membership is saying. Pretty basic stuff actually. Not great to know I am paying my membership fees to feel totally unheard, unsupported and railroaded.

      I have hung on to my Membership, so that I could still have a voice and a vote in the future of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Many of my fellow counsellors have left the association, it has promoted much debate between us ……. I am just rather miffed I cant get a refund!

      BACP Membership no 00778762

  2. I second this letter that has been written on behalf of the CTUK members. I would like some answers and have BACP held accountable to be transparent with its members.

    BACP reg: 389175

  3. Excellent and important letter. The lack of substantial response is appalling.

  4. 046496/00723155
    Transparency, openness and accountability…the same ethical principles you expect from your members. We also expect from BACP.

  5. Please abide by your own Key Terms in your Ethical Framework – ‘We are committing ourselves to being openly accountable and willing to explain how we have implemented any of these obligations to people with a valid interest in our work’.

    Jon Davis – Membership Number 00965669

    1. As a member of the BACP I would appreciate a response to the questions raised.
      Sally Allardyce MBACP

  6. Darren Hopgood

    The BACP is not adhering to the same ethical principles you expect from your members. We expect the same ethical conscience you expect from your membership.

  7. I have approached BACP on more than one occasion to ask for explanations of these resignations, and received polite but firm refusals.

    I hope this open letter is successful in gaining a proper response from the BACP board.

    Steve Tallett 00709075

  8. I ask that you please address these concerns with transparency and with the ethical framework in mind.

  9. As a former member of BACP I wish to add my support for this letter. It is disgraceful that the BACP think that they don’t need to provide comment or explanation. They hold all their members accountable to the ethical framework but then don’t provide transparency or accountability themselves. These are the reasons (amongst many others) that I left the BACP.

    Thank you for writing this letter Maria and CTUK, and for caring about the profession and its members.

  10. BACP Membership No:00710202
    Transparency, openness and accountability…the same ethical principles you expect from your members. We also expect from BACP.

    1. I also advocate this letter and require complete transparency from the board as shouod be expected by the trustees when requested by memebers.

      Gerard Howard

      Bacp memberahip number 00954163

  11. I support this letter. The BACP needs to uphold the same values it expects from its members. What does it say about the BACP when it hides behind legalities rather than offer an open and honest account of what has made so many people resign? This does not inspire trust in the BACP and contradicts their most recent “We are listening” member campaign. I hope the BACP responds to this letter as a sign of respect to all CTUK members who are mostly BACP registered.

  12. ‘BACP is refusing to be open and transparent’ says everything that is wrong with Scoped and the whole framework!!

  13. Michelle Taylor membership number 00795944
    I hope that BACP respond adhering to the same ethical framework to which we all subscribe. Feeling pretty despairing

  14. In fully support the content of this letter. If I acted in the same secretive and selective way in my practice my clients wouldn’t trust me and I’d be barred from counselling by the BACP. I pay the BACP for support, opened and professionalism, clearly this is not evident in their behaviour, its shameful.

  15. BACP membership 00587775
    Answers, please. It’s become rather ridiculous, the stonewalling around ScopEd, and the lack of transparency.

  16. This sets out significant concerns regarding the quality of governance at BACP and a flagrant disregard of the opinions and concerns of its key stakeholders, BACP members. I am seriously reconsidering my membership of BACP as I don’t feel valued by them and I have lost confidence in the organisation. Carol Kay MBACP 178603

  17. I fully support this letter and ask for transparency and ceasing the stonewalling that has been going on
    Marie Robertson
    Membership number 57 9267

  18. Transparency, openness, and accountability…the ethical principles that you demand from your members.
    We also expect transparency, openness, and accountability from BACP.

  19. BACP Membership No: 00625917
    We should be able to trust our professional membership body, but how can we when it’s not being at all open, honest, forthcoming, or transparent? Yet we as Members are expected by BACP to be all of these and more. The lack of openness is indicative of how much of a mess SCoPEd is, and how it will only benefit a few. Whatever happened to the ‘grandparenting route’ we were promised in 2008? I’ve continually asked but haven’t had any acknowledgement. No wonder Members are leaving in droves. BACP’s silence is deafening, and its hypocrisy is appalling.

  20. I share all the concerns expressed in the comments already made and as a registered and paying member of the BACP, I would request full disclosure. I would like to receive reassurance that the organisation I am part of has nothing to hide and is prepared to be open and transparent in it’s activities as each and every paying member is required to be in line with your own ethical framework MBACP 110177

  21. Thank you for writing this letter Maria, and highlighting all of these concerns.

    I expect the same ethics and values from my membership body that I am held accountable for, and work to, every single day. I don’t think it’s ok to refuse answers to these appropriate, relevant questions. It sounds like a case of ‘don’t want to, and shan’t’, which doesn’t reflect well on the organisation’s own values.

    1. I fully endorse the concerns expressed in the letter. BACP consists of its members and we should be fully informed about the work and findings of the independent review of governance.

      BACP member 754843

  22. I endorse this letter fully , how can you not see your error of judgement BACP. Openess and accountability , just as you hold us to the same principles.

    It’s your time now !

  23. I am in full agreement with the letter and the comments above. I am also considering leaving.

    Registered Member MBACP 501792

  24. I also advocate this letter and look for complete transparency from the board and the trustees. When a BACP member ask a question or questions of the board and trustees, I expect an coherent comprehensive and honest response given in a timely manner.
    BACP Membership No: 0076966

  25. I support this letter whole heartedly. Thank you for writing this on behalf of CTUK members, Maria!

  26. I completely support the requests in this letter and am deeply concerned about the lack of transparency and questionable behaviour from a body that I am paying to represent my interests.
    Ann Jennings
    Registered Member 379812

  27. I support this letter and its contents completely. Thank you for your well worded summary of the concerns.

  28. As counsellors we are taught the value of authenticity, being genuine and transparent which we model within the therapeutic relationship.
    We are encouraged to demonstrate our moral and ethical practices by being members of a membership body that sets a framework of these ethical codes.
    It is now very disheartening to see that that the BACP no longer abide by the very framework they propose counsellors should adhere to.
    The actions of recent from the BACP have been in conflict and inconsistent with its own framework.
    If you refuse to model good practice to your own members you cannot expect us to have faith and confidence in what was once a very respectable org to be affiliated with.

  29. BACP needs to be transparent with its members. There are/have obviously been problems which we should know about. It is not a secret society, it is a membership charity responsible to its members.

  30. I welcome this challenge to BACP to uphold the ethical standards that they expect from members and to treat their membership with respect and openness. Sadly any change from BACP will be too late for me as I have become completely disenfranchised, mainly because of SCoPEd and despite providing feedback I have not been heard.

    Member 00696925

  31. Kris Black MBACP UKCP
    I agree that transparency is an important aspect of governance and accountability to the membership.
    It is important therefore that the points raised in this letter are addressed

  32. It concerns me greatly that the integrity of our industry as a whole proceeds on an assessment of congruence provided by the therapist to the supervisor during one 90mins per month. That there remains no safety nets, NONE for the vulnerable client if a therapist deviates from ethical practice, decides not to take said client to supervision. Is it not that safety nets should be there to catch all vulnerable clients, especially what happens behind closed doors & under the bravado of privacy. SCoPEd will only lengthen the wait between a complaint being made & the public being advised leaving the public further at risk. Nothing yet addresses the time it currently takes to address serious complaints or complaints that stretch across several ethical bodies, nor does SCoPEd look to reduce the risk to the public. Let transparency & accountability be an integral part of who we are and what our industry is about and may our ethical bodies lead by example…

  33. I look forward to seeing BACP’s responses to the issues raised in this letter.
    Deborah Sandland
    Membership number 379977

  34. Thank you Maria, I wholeheartedly agree with the contents of this letter.
    I am frankly appalled by the behaviour of BACP who hold us to keep up all the standards which they are totally going against themselves. We are expected, quite rightly to behave in honest, transparent and ethical ways whilst our membership body is doing the complete opposite. I used to be proud to be a member of BACP but not any more. Unless there is a change, I will be yet another member voting with my feet at renewal time this year. I have already joined the NCS and have found them to uphold all the principles and more that they ask their members to abide by. They are friendly, helpful, ethical and transparent and offer so much more all round.
    Pauline Wallace

  35. Pat Shea-Halson
    Membership No 00508530

    I support the letter written by Maria to the BACP and the contents within the letter.

    I need to know if the Board Governing the BACP are behaving in a way that fulfils their duties as a Charity to ensure they fulfil the aims and objectives of the Charity as an organisation. To ensure this is evident in the BACP, the BACP needs to provide the documentation previously requested that will show transparency. This needs to show they are working in the interest of their members. As a Charity you need to ensure that you are working to the Nolan Principles and I would like to have evidence that the Board are behaving in accordance with the Nolan Principles that demonstrate honesty, transparency, accountability and integrity.

  36. I support this – as a trainee and a student member of the BCAP, I’m not clear or confident in a sector I’ve wanted to be part of for years. Transparency feels like the least the BACP could offer at this stage.

  37. Membership number: 00969158
    I support this open letter and I hope the BACP abides to its own ethical framework regarding openness and transparency.
    Many thanks CTUK!

  38. It’s ironic that the BACP will be using members money to seek legal advice on this to tell members they’re not legally obliged to answer any of these questions.
    I would also strongly question why members were given very little notice of a fee increase just before the end of the financial year. That’s very bad governance and morally and ethically wrong. Apart from the fact they don’t need it and it just feeds into the capitalist system which so many counsellors are trying to fight because it affects people’s mental health.

  39. Membership number 378027

    I support this letter. I need to see openness and transparency and BACP demonstrating the same standards it expects from therapists. I need to see a balance of power and BACP listening to members. The lack of democracy over Scoped has left a better taste. I would like to see the issues addressed.
    With thanks to CTUK who are always supportive of its members.

  40. I am continually disappointed how we as members are treated as if we don’t exist . I wonder why I am a member on a regular basis.SCOPEdD is just s farce and does nothing t for us hard working private practitioners . We are just undermined by this .

  41. Retired member of long standing…appalled and at the same time saddened to read the above.
    I recall in my counselling psychotherapy years of being proud to belong to the then BACP.
    Now I think I would be ashamed.

  42. I have had concerns about BACP for some years now and especially about accreditation which seems to be just a money making exercise and not proof of ‘excellence’ as suggested. This is not the BACP that I joined in 1999. It seems to me that academic criteria is seen as more important than practical skills and ethics and the organisation is becoming ‘elitist’. I have worked with some excellent and very experienced counsellors who are not accredited and have come across some accredited and senior accredited counsellors who seem to disregard ethics and don’t bother looking at the ethical framework once they have achieved their academic goals and status because they know it all! Scoped seems to be another excuse for elitism. Whatever happened to the personal quality of humility? As a member I expect transparency and ethical standards to be demonstrated throughout the organisation. Refusal to answer pertinent questions that affect members demonstrates a lack of transparency and I find it somewhat sinister that BACP does not seem to be seeking to replace those who have resigned. If this continues I would motion for a vote of no confidence in the current board

  43. I support this letter. I have felt for many years now that there is a lack of transparency which I feel is increasing.

    Sara Dixon
    Registered MBACP 155873

  44. Membership number: 00918983
    I completely support this letter & I call for complete transparency from the BACP.
    I feel completely let down & disregarded as a member.

  45. I’m appalled by the BACP’s lack of transparency and by their consistent refusal to be held to any kind of accountability.

    Adriana Prado, Registered MBACP 391127

  46. Please provide the information sought in this letter for the benefit of the membership you represent.

    Joanna Clark Registered member 378354

  47. I feel very concerned about the direction things are going in, and agree it would be helpful for BACP to be transparent and accountable, as its members are expected to be.

    Abbie O’Connor Membership number 666038

  48. I would like transparency from BACP as an accredited member.
    I endorse this letter.

  49. I fully support this letter and request that BACP responds in a timely manner, providing all requested information with full transparency.

  50. I am in total support of this letter. There is too much hide and seek with BACP and am sorry i have not find anything transparent on how the management of BACP conduct its duties.

    It is now over 3 years since i contested for a Trustee position, i was not given further information on the outcome other than i was not successful. I have been a member now over 14 years, there are room for several changes and on how the BACP is managed.

    I demand changes and concur with the letter from CTUK
    Seve Ishmael Membership No. 00673878

  51. The BACP was held in high regard by many organisations, not least the NHS. But the current state of affairs within the governance structure undermines the faith organisations have put in it.
    Congruence and transparency are expected from us as Therapists by our clients, if our “governing body” cannot do the same this is a serious issue. My membership will not be renewed if the questions in this letter remain unanswered.

  52. Matthew pronger, MBACP – I support CTUK on sending this letter, and look forward to hearing the BACP’s reply

  53. I agree with everything Maria has written. When my membership is due for renewal I will seriously be looking elsewhere as I don’t feel BACP represents me , as a disabled counsellor I am limited on what hours I can work which also limits , by cost, any further training and or accreditation that I can do therefore BACP, I feel does not have my best interests at heart .

  54. I support this letter and am very concerned about SCoped and the organization’s lack of interest in the response of members to it.

    Marian Jenkins00798712

  55. I completely support and endorse the CTUK Letter of Concern, and require BACP to respond fully and with absolute candour to all the issues raised.

  56. It is worrying that so many of the Senior team have resigned and the current setup refuses to provide answers. I wholeheartedly agree with the contents of this letter. Please provide the answers.

  57. I support the concerns raised in this letter, and the call for direct communication and answers from BACP.

  58. Please add my name to this letter. I have to maintain my membership of the BACP as a condition of employment, otherwise I would leave. Colleagues have raised all the points that I would have added.
    Carolyn Lowing Reg. MBACP 00687237

  59. I absolutely agree with the above letter that BACP reply with openness and transparency as they expect members to do within the ethical framework. I actually left BACP 2 months ago because of SCoPEd and I felt unheard and disrespected by them as they failed to respond to any of my correspondence. I feel that the organisation has lost its way and the points raised in your letter need to be answered. Unfortunately, I don’t hold much hope that BACP will respond as we would like.
    Membership number 00734179

  60. I support the concerns raised within this letter and am concerned by the lack of support and clarity of the BACP towards it’s members. Allison Spink Membership number: 00917885.

  61. Thank you so much for writing this letter. I feel that the BACP is and should be, a member’s organisation run by a Board of Governors for the members, not the other way around, as seems to be happening. I fully support this letter.

  62. I am grateful that these matters have been brought to my notice and agree with the concerns expressed. As counsellors we commit to transparency and accountability and authenticity. It is hypocritical of our representative body not to behave in a way consistent with what we stand for and enact.

  63. I share the concerns raised in this letter. The BACP’s lack of transparency over matters of major concern to its members is completely unacceptable.
    Mike Shallcross, BACP member 562718

  64. I would like to add my name, as a BACP member of over 10 years I am very concerned about all the issues raised in this letter.

  65. I fully support this letter and contents within. You expect honesty and transparency from your members yet you do not provide this back. We need answers.

  66. I fully support this letter. The BACP have an ethical if not legal obligation to be open and transparent and should not need to be reminded of this.
    Membership no. 553826

  67. Many thanks Maria for such an excellent letter. The lack of transparency from the BACP needs addressing and an explanation from the Board is long overdue.

  68. I fully agree with the contents of this letter. We commit ourselves as counsellors to uphold transparency and commitment to the wellbeing of our clients. We should expect the BACP to do the same for it’s members.

  69. I share the concerns in this letter. It is unacceptable for the organisation that promotes ethical and professional behaviour to hide important information from its paying members.

  70. I share the concerns outlined in this letter and as a paying member, I would like transparency and answers from the BABP. Jan Laws Membership number 00954367.

  71. I would also be grateful for transparency relating to the issues raised. The freedom of information act would be something to consider here where we would be able to request this information. We are paying members and yet do not know what is being discussed or worse hidden.
    BACP 397113

  72. Pam Laurance Membership No – 505428 I agree with this letter. I attended, by zoom, the BACP AGM some months ago. Questions to the board were invited via the chat. I asked about he resignations. My question was not put. They said that any unanswered questions would be responded to (by email, I think they said – I forget) later. But they weren’t. I know that many people are also very concerned about the way the complaints process is carried out. Many say that the BACP ALWAYS sides with the client, never the therapist. I would like to hear more about that too.

  73. 00753442

    As members of BACP we are required to be open & transparent with our clients, rightly so.
    I feel that in recent years the BACP has been opaque in its interactions with membership. Surely openness & transparency should go both ways?

  74. I support this letter and I am disappointed in the response so far. Really considering whether to renew my membership.
    Number: 00959688

  75. As an accredited member of BACP, I fully support this request and wish to be kept informed of any updates.

  76. I echo others conserns and feel like the BACP doesn’t abide by the standards it expects of its members. I want to see an organisation leading by an example of being trustworthy and transparent. You are a membership organisation and not a regulator. You answer to your members and it feels very authoritarian and top down at the moment. We are all aware that when mass people change happen on this scale there is an agenda associated with it and we should be able to have an understanding of the issues so we can rightly choose weather to keep supporting BACP or freely join another membership irg

  77. I am a long standing member of the BACP and am saddened at the lack of transparency with the membership about this significant issue. As counsellors we are expected to act with integrity, transparency and to be accountable for our actions. I am sadly not surprised to see that the BACP seems to be acting without transparency.
    Membership no 521895

  78. I support the intention of this letter, but sense it will be totally ignored. BACP islosing credibility and causing huge amounts of unnecessary friction, hierarchies, division, etc – when we need a membership body that is inclusive, unifying and doesn’t feel like a law unto itself. The long term damage this organisation is inflicting on itself is sad and frustrating for the profession.

  79. As a member of BACP I look forward to seeing the Association’s full and considered response to the concerns raised in this letter.
    Carla Polhill

  80. Once again I am left feeling that the BACP have something to hide and this is demonstrated by their behaviour. They require from me, a fully paid member, transparency, openness and honesty. I would not be allowed to be a member if I started to any of the BACPs questions “I don’t not legally have to oblige…” yet this “Membership” organisation is not practicing what they require from us as members. I completely stand behind this open letter and I await with my fellow colleagues and members an open and fully transparent response.

  81. Claire Crampton, current member very unhappy with the lack of accountability, transparency and engagement with your membership.

  82. As a trainee counsellor and Student member of the BACP (00980947) I endorse this letter of concern.
    As trainee and later qualified Counsellors we are taught and actively practice, accountability, openness and honesty.
    At this time I believe this is lacking from the BACP with their deliberate failure to be open & honest with its members, one can only construed it is a deliberate attempt to prevent accountability being placed on the remaining board members.
    I do not feel comfortable being a member of a body that is actively hypocritical in their actions to their ethos that others will be held to account.
    That is why on completion and qualification I will not be renewing my BACP membership as I can not support an organisation which practices in such a manner.
    I wish to be kept updated in regards to any response from the BACP and any further correspondence there after relating to this matter of concern.

    1. I agree with Richard. I felt very uncomfortable at having to register with an organisation that I felt cared more about business than their members. I won’t carry on being a member once I qualify

      Member 00981236

  83. I share the concerns. Lack of transparency and consistency in maintaining a balanced board of trustees.
    Member: 00963434

  84. Echo sentiment of the letter concerned at lack of transparency and loss of valued experienced trustees and senior staff.
    Bacp member

  85. As someone who has been forced to be a member of the BACP by my course provider, I have been very disappointed in how they are treating their members. Membership number 00845738

  86. I fully support this letter. BACP is funded by it’s membership, and as such, need to be transparent in their actions with membership.

  87. I also support this letter and would like to add the following:

    As members of BACP, we hope that you still recognise our desire to be professional and to remain in this relationship with you. This is an attempt to alert you to a sense of inequality in this relationship. Given everything we stand for and strive for through our work – everything we embody as morality and adherance to the standards you hold us accountable to – surely you can understand the discomfort here?

    Our belief is that, despite our loyalty to you and our commitment to being good enough for our clients, you have contributed to the exploitation of our compassion and dedication. In a world that is increasingly diminishing of human fulfilment you are demanding more and offering less. At this moment in time, within our world, that feels abrasive and unacceptable.

    Your genuineness is critical to our continuation of this relationship. Our requirements are higher from our representative professional body. If your board has imploded on an issue of ethical integrity, as it appears, we reserve the right to be concerned and make enquiries.

    Within your consideration of this correspondence, please invite the participation of your social conscience. Though, be aware, our cause for concern is related to it’s absence. Within your response, please also be mindful that your response, either way, will likely betray your valuing of us. It will inform us as to whether you remain faithful to your own standards. Please do not underestimate our strength of feeling on this matter.

  88. This is of great concern. As Counsellors we work in an open and transparent manner, the BACP promotes this approach within our Ethical Framework. I would therefore like to second the letter, asking the BACP for a more open and transparent process, which will show integrity, trust and repect to all your paying members.
    Thank you.

  89. I fully support the letter. BACP please abide by your own ethics, principles and values. Governance must be transparent. Also don’t forget, we pay your wages!!

  90. These questions are completely reasonable and valid. Like many I have been concerned by recent events in the BACP and would like honest explanations of what is transpiring. Let the BACP model accountability to its members.

  91. I fully support this comprehensive request. As members we deserve a greater degree of transparency.

  92. I add my name in support of the collective queries and concerns raised above. Transparency and openess are integral to our profession and it is important to me that the membership body I choose aligns with my principles not just in print but in action. Sadly I have repeatedly felt poorly represented in terms of my values by BACP of late and am now struggling to justify my membership.

  93. As a registered BACP member I wholeheartedly support this letter and concerns raised.

    1. As an Accredited Member of BACP I agree with and support the points made in this letter.

      Membership number 00847689

  94. I am an accredited member of BACP and fully support the concerns raised in this letter.

  95. I was obligated to re-join the BACP so that I could continue being a Training Therapist for students on the course I qualified through. So, as an unwilling registered BACP member, I support this letter and the concerns raised.

  96. I have practiced as a counsellor for over 16 years in the UK, and a member of BACP! I have refused to be an accredited member because its procedure is shambolic and does not in any way improve my academic or professional practice. Is only an exercise in money making. As a qualified social worker i got my qualifying status on completion of my training and the relevant placement. I trained in a BACP accredited institution, why would i present myself after meeting the same guidelines provided for every student for a second accreditation?
    I would get a better paid job as a social worker than as a counsellor, yet BACP charge me double membership fees for what i need to pay for my professional practice to be a member of Social Work England. Something is not right with the management of BACP.

    BACP is needs to be helped from the drift it is on at the moment! I am only a member because i have to belong to a body.

    I am a multi-qualified professional and also belong to other well managed professional bodies so am appending my signature to this letter.

  97. I completely agree with this letter; it would appear that the BACP does not abide by the ethical standards that it expects or it’s membership.

  98. My concern is that the BACP does not abide by the ethical standards which we need to adhere to. And share the views of this letter.

  99. I echo completely the concerns outlined in this letter. Transparency engenders trust.

  100. I fully support openness and transparency and endorse this letter.

    Rita Brophy 103346

  101. I used to feel proud to be a member of BACP. In recent years I’ve felt increasingly distrustful and unconvinced they are acting in the best interests of the members whose subscriptions pay for the running of the association. It should be a given that a member body for therapists upholds its own ethical guidelines in all its work. Transparency is essential and without it trust is lost.

  102. Support in this letter and the valid concerns it highlights. I’ve been a BACP member for 10yrs

  103. I agree with the above letter. I hope BACP show the same integrity and transparency which it expects of its members.
    Membership number: 00929893
    Uzma Ali

  104. I agree with this letter. BACP have been showing a complete disregard for it’s members for sometimes now. The scoped process has accelerated such disregard. The profession is being decimated in front of us with BACP pushing for elitism, arrogance and ignoring any incorporation of long standing member views. Scoped is a disaster, members are clearly unhappy yet BACP continue to obstruct integrity and transparency

  105. I agree with the questions put to the BACP in the letter. As a matter of ethical obligation to your members there is an expectation to a proper and honest response.

    Membership number : 00731224
    Christina Bruce

  106. Please add my signature to the letter. I left a couple of years ago because of ScopEd and also the BACPs lack of support for counsellors. Simply a money taking badge scheme as far as I could see!

  107. I fully support this letter. It seems to me that the tail is wagging the dog. Whatever happened to transparency, authenticity, honesty? Something is wrong at BACP and it needs addressing or BACP risks becoming a discredited organisation as opposed to a professional one.

  108. Totally agree. I left BACP for this very reason. A membership body discounting it’s members. Dreadful behaviour.

  109. I wish to add my voice to this letter as a former BACP member. I resigned from the Association in 2017 over concerns for the ethical direction it was taking; developments since convince me that I was right to do so. It is about time BACP started to offer its members the same ethical standards it requires of them in their work.

  110. Signed.
    Carolyn Guthrie
    Membership No. 00528475.

    Always felt forced into being a member, due to employers often only recognised this….
    Very unsatisfactory..

  111. I share Maria’s concerns and would like to see them addressed by the BACP.

    Kieron Wincer

    MBACP 567850

  112. I fully support this letter and share with Maria in concerns about this artificial categorisation of our profession, whereby a counsellor in practice for 20 years and who isn’t accredited, is somehow less experienced, reflective and insightful than a recently qualified psychotherapist. Am I going to have to jump through more and more hoops as I age in the profession (and in actuality)? None of the members wanted this and I agree with the letter that the mass resignations in BACP further cloud the issue.

    1. Couldn’t have put this better myself. I’m 14 years experienced and echo everything you say! Categorising in such a way is elitism at its finest!

  113. I support this letter and the comments within. I would like the members voices to be considered with regards to SCoPED. The first step to considering the membership (without whom you would cease to exist) is to ask people whether or not they would like SCoPED implemented. The impact your announcement has on trainees and training providers was one of shock and disbelief.

  114. It’s concerning when a membership body who requires therapists to be transparent, doesn’t uphold the same values. There needs to be clear and open communication.

  115. I support this letter. I think it’s absolutely crucial that BACP should model the same ethics and accountability expected from members. These are valid questions and need to be addressed.

    Membership No: 00648829

  116. I am a registered member of BACP and wholeheartedly support this letter. I currently have no confidence in BACP and am looking to leave.
    It is, however, currently a requirement of my place of employment that I have BACP membership. Something that I wish to change particularly given the current situation.

  117. As a BACP member, I support the sentiments of this letter regarding the governance review.

  118. I support this letter, thank you for writing on behalf of concerned members.
    I look forward to seeing the BACP response. Hopefully it will be informative, transparent and in line with the ethical guidelines that are central to the BACP’s existence/purpose.
    Tracey Garrett MBACP

  119. I fully support this letter. Clear, open transparency is required from the BACP. I’m not sure why we have provide this, yet our membership body doesn’t seem able to do the same?

    Membership no 381568

  120. The ethical guidelines of the BACP’s framework surely apply to all those involved, not just paying members. I fully support the sentiments of this letter.

    Mark Peters
    MBACP (Accred.) – 00798848

  121. You are happy to take our money and set us guidelines but you are not prepared to live up to your own ethics and moral values. You would not exist without your members. We deserve to be heard. We deserve a vote. We deserve transparency. This is affecting our lives a lot more than it affecting yours. How do you sleep at night, cause most of your members are struggling!? I fully support this letter.

  122. I would feel more comfortable being part of an organisation that is transparent and listeners to its members I therefore support this letter. BACP member.

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