5 Day Boost Your Private Practice Challenge

Day 1 – Mindset and Self-development

Workbook – click here to download.

Bonus – click here to download.

This is 5 pages of pre-written text for your website. The document includes a template for your website home page, about me page, about counselling page, my room page and contact page. We also gives tips for blogging and links to resources such as free terms and conditions, privacy policies and images. This is a Word document and can be edited to make personal to you.

Day 2 – Business Basics

Wordbook – click here to download.

Bonus 1 – Client Contract. You can use this client contract as a template for your own private practice. It is a Word document and can be fully edited. Click here to download.

Bonus 2 – Supervision Log. This is a Word document which you can fully edit. Click here to download.

Bonus 3 – Notes Template. This is a Word document which you can fully edit. Click here to download.

Bonus 4 – CPD Record. This is Word document which you can fully edit. Click here to download.

Bonus 5 – Counselling Information Sheet. This is a Word document which you can fully edit. Click here to download.

Bonus 6 – Client Information Sheet. This is a word document which you can fully edit. Click here to download.

Bonus 7 – List of book recommendations.

  1. Grow Your Private Practice by Jane Travis. Click here to view. 
  2. Setting Up and Running a Therapy Business: Frequently Asked Questions by James Rye. Click here to view.
  3. Grounded: How connection with nature can improve our mental and physical wellbeing by Ruth Allen (follow Ruth on Twitter and IG to find out about her walk and talk therapy course). Click here to view.
  4. The essential guide for therapists to the protection of data by Cath Knibbs and Gary Hibberd. Click here to view. (NCS members get 15% off – code in your members area)
  • Contains affiliate links – this means if you buy via our links we receive a few pennies!

Day 3 – Facebook Marketing

Bonus 1 – 365 Social Media Prompts.

Click on the Google Doc to access over 365 social media prompts for you to take and use on your own social media platforms. Delivered via Google Doc’s, just click the link here to access.

Bonus 2 – From Tonia, a couple of special offers just for you:

  • Access your FREE Facebook Content Planner which you can sign up for here.
  • CTUK members can access a reduced cost Success Strategy Session. These usually cost £95, but the cost to CTUK members is £75. Just get in touch with Tonia via her website below.

You can read more about Tonia’s coaching practice and get in touch with her here: https://www.tranquillocoaching.com

Day 4 – Question and Answer Session


Click here to access resources regarding financial help and support for both therapists and our clients.

Check out the previous two National Counsellors’ Day Conference recordings where you can access high quality essential training on social and political issues relating to counselling and psychotherapy.

Below is a brief overview of what you’ll get access to (via YouTube links).

CONFERENCE 1 – Theme: Social and Political Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

  • Interview with Maria Albertsen from Counsellors Together UK.
  • Presentation – Dr Elizabeth Cotton – IAPT and the ‘Uberisation’ of mental health services.
  • Presentation – Dr Phil Cox – Extinction Rebellion: The potential impact of civil disobedience upon professional conduct hearings.
  • Brief Talk – Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) and JHD Counselling Ltd.
  • Presentation – Mason Webb – Debunking gender identity: A reflective guide to gender identity counselling.
  • Presentation – Jo Watson – Dropping the Disorder! Challenging the medicalisation of emotional distress in counselling and psychotherapy.

CONFERENCE 2 – Theme: ‘Intersectionality, discrimination and social justice: a call for true equality in Counselling and Psychotherapy’.

  • Introduction to National Counsellors’ Day 2021 with Maria Albertsen.
  • Presentation – Dr. Dwight Turner – 2021:The year of our Intersectional Identities.
  • Presentation – Dr. Elizabeth Cotton – The CTUK Financial Survey: Results and Implications.
  • SPONSORS – The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union & The National Counselling Society (talk on diversity).
  • Presentation – Erin Stevens- Facing the Shadow of Harm in Therapy. (Please note, several of the slides in this presentation have been blurred out. This is to preserve confidentiality. You will still be able to hear Erin speak over them).
  • Presentation – Clare Slaney – Class-Searching for the Elephant in the room inside the Elephant.
  • Presentation – Pavithra Sarma – Learning to unlearn – Journey Beyond Performative allyship and the transformative power of anti-racist work.
  • SPONSOR – The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Brief talk on diversity.

You can order both of these conferences for just £10 each via our website here: www.nationalcounsellorsday.co.uk/buy-previous-conference-recordings

Upon purchase you will receive an email containing the links to watch each of the presentations, as well as a printable CPD certificate.If you have any questions or require any support then please do email us at enquiries@nationalcounsellorsday.co.uk.

Day 5 – Extra Bonus

Bonus – Social Media Planner/Tracker.

Below is a copy of the exact social media planner/tracker that we use at CTUK. You can use this document alone or you can share it with your team/admin to edit. When we have posted we usually highlight the relevant box so we can see at a glance what has definitely went out.

Google Docs W/B 12th April – Click here to access.

W/B 19th April – Click here to access.

Don’t forget you can access the full course including training videos over in our private Facebook group here. You must be a trainee or qualified therapist to join.

We hope you enjoy the training 🙂